Murad & Mehmet

During the Great Glory of Ottoman Sultanate, very Honourable and Gracious Man named Murad sat on the Throne of Edirnne. He was generous to neighborhood, so even very vile lord of Wallachia, named Dracul (means "Devil") was treated as Friend of Sultan. But that Narrow-minded man didn't trust Murad and said,

"I am weak and poor. But Sultan Murad is strong and wealthy. How we can become friends?"

So he always conceived Treachery in his Heart and tried to betray him, but he always failed but Sultan always tolerated these Crimes. One of his son, named Mehmet, was very ambitious and capable, but he was rather Cold than his father, and sometimes blamed attitude of his father.

"Why you always spoil your subjects? Your generosity has never reached their dirty heart! They understand you in term with only Weakness, you should them Roles as Servant of Glorious Sultanate."

"Perhaps you say Truth."
Sultan Murad sadly replied,
"But too young to realize my intention. If there is no friendship in this World, there is no meaning of Mundane Throne, Strength and Wealth."

Mehmet resisted,
"And you got Senility, Father. It's not Opium Dream of Mystical Sufism, but Real World Politic. If Strong Man cannot sit on the Throne, another man may take yours!"

After Murad died, Mehmet became Master of Whole Ottoma Domain. Firstly he killed his young brothers because they might become other Sultans and make Great Empire into Two or Three Sections.

"Very sorry."
Mehmet whispered to their mothers,
"But that is inevitable and real."

Next, he wanted to become Ruler of Two World, Asia and Europe. So he made Great Cannon and used it to Channel City of Last Remnant of Byzantines, Constantinople. The Last Caesar of Long History resisted desperately against fierce Attacks. But finally he was killed in front of Flag of Cresscent and Church of Saint Sophia was changed into a Mosque.

"Very Good."
Conqueror said,
"Next is Cleasing of Bad Bugs."

In the Domain of Wallachia, ruler of this petty region was also replaced with Son of Dracul, called "Dracula". His father was assassinated by one of his enemy Europians, but Sultan Murad felt pity to his sons and made one of them to Successor of Wallachian Duchy. But Dracula was also Vile, Ungrateful and Evil as his father, and started Impaling his enemies and subjects. Sultan Mehmet ordered to Dracula to make oath as Servant of Ottoman Imperial Throne, but Dracula craftily refused.

"I agree I got long favour from your father as Guest of Court and Son of his Friend, (Dracula had long visited to Court of Murad as a Guest from Child Days. But his father always blamed Sultan Murad why he kept Sons of his Friend as Hostage.) But you want me to become Slave of Yours rather than Friend, I cannot submit to your Hard Request."

Eventually, Mehmet angered to Dracula because he still kept on impaling Rebel Subjects and loyal Subjects of Sultan Mehmet, so Sultan mustered a Great Army and Jannisaries and led them to Northward.

When Dracula saw his great Army, he was never frightened because he didn't love enough to anything before Ravage of Sultanate Army, and Dracula was busy to impale Soldiers who could not escape from Hands of the Demonic Impaler. While once Mehmet had seen as if it was Forest, it wasn't Forest but Stakes which impaled Bodies with still living Status, two thousands bodies of Turkish Soldiers. Mehmet ordered his Army to retreat after watching it, and questioned to himself.

"Who makes this Monster? Me?"

After that Nightmare, even Prideful Sultan could not help using Mean way to remove Dracula from Wallachia reluctantly. He used brother of Dracula and King of Hungary in the plot of Treachery, because he understood even his Great Army and Jannisary could not defeat Dracula in Combat.

After Success of Removing, Sultan Mehmet felt Coldness of Throne Chamber Room of Constantinople, though he long endured to it for that most cold derived from himself.

"Now I understand what my father said." Mehmet answered to his own question, "Or I also got Senility?"

End of Tale