Sun Worshipper Tribe 600,000
Storm Worshipper Tribe 200,000
North Pent 60,000
Orathorn 5,000

Uzhim 10,000
Uzko & Enlo? 35,000

Sheng Seleris Mystic of Zolathi, Zho Lath Ehy, Saka Morn School?
Dranz Goloi Greatkhan
Joloi Maskoss Shaman

Redhair Place
Hell Crack
H'Har As Jing
Nonitreesa Mountain Range

Peter Metcalph's comment about Orathorn Sorcerors:

The sorcerers of orathorn are not evil. Rather they are just different. I don't think they are Malkioni but rather they rule a land of the dead that is extremely close to the surface (it bubbled up during the Gods War and another such bubble reached the surface and formed the Hellcrack).

The single tower actually leads down into a vast voluminous cavern where the Orathorni live along the banks of the lost Seolinthur river. They are tended by the dead whom they keep as lovers and servants. These dead are pleased to serve the Orathorni for much worse hells await them if they refuse.

When Sheng Seleris ruled, he conquered Orathorn and ordered the construction of a massive Pleasure Dome stocked with the plunder of the Seleran Empire. This was intended to be a paradise for his worshippers until they would be reborn. Ever since his fall, the Pleasure Dome is still inhabited
and the Orathorni have no control over what goes on inside it.

End of Comment

Trade in Pent from Gerald Botch Texts

Imports: few, some metal goods from Peloria, some other goods from Bliss in Ignorance, especially Black Lotus Dust

Exports: horses, some trinkets, and re-exports of Black Lotus Dust

Pent is an absolute backwater for trade. There is some internal trade within the tribes for luxury goods, metal goods, superior handcrafts, and especially horses and herd animals.

The Pentan nomads are isolationist and self-sufficient and if there is a route to profit trading here, no one has found it. The Pentans want little from the outside except for metal goods and to be left alone, and the Pentans possess little that outsiders would want. The nomads obtain some few trade goods from sporadic encounters with both eastern Peloria and Bliss in Ignorance. The Red-Haired Tribe carries on a desultory trade along the Pelorian frontier and on across the plains. Many of the foreign goods found in the tents of the wealthiest Pentans come from raids on these caravans. The major trade that Pentans engage in is the exchange of hardy Pentan ponies for bronze from Peloria.

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