The Engrave of Sarcophagus above in the reign of Emperor Vayobi hints Alchemic Transformation with serpentine bodies and Mystical Attributions for the Legendary Couple, Emperor Thalurzni and his wife Empress Halisayan. But for his help, she could not reach Draconic Ascension, and in opposite without her compassion and advice, he might have abandon Kralori without concern to Daruda's intention to help populace, as other avatars of Cosmic Draconic Consciousness.
The Couple, showed below as holders of Sun and KataMoripi (Black Dendara) were rulers in Darkness and defended populace of Kralorela from Threat of outside of the Empire. Their attributes indicate Esoteric Energy which the couple shared in Pill of Immortality. (Made in the reign of Mikaday)
(Left) Emperor Daruda, his draconic lower Part indicates his true nature, his upper, human Part means his Ascension was cancelled to help and teach Kralori populace, the meaning of Kralori Civilization. (Made in the reign of Mikaday)
(Left) Oldest engrave depicting Emperor Thalurzni, as Holder of both Mundane Art and Mystical Art. His body embodies First Alchemic Sign that means fluidity of Middle World. (Made in the Reign of Mikaday)