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About Beardies

About Japanese BeardiesBDN logo(Japanese only)

Japanese Beardie Breeding and Breeders, Dog shows, JKC CH, Japanese Breed Standard etc.

Daisy's AdviceBDN logo(Japanese only)

How to have a happy life with Bearded Collies, AKC Breed Standard, Hobo's Advice(Translated).

Rescue Program

Beardie Rescue Network(Temporary Japanese only)

A Rescue Program for Japanese Beardies -Abandoned, Lost, About to be Killed-. We have 6 co-ordinators, and also have "BRN Fund".

BOW/BDL Calendar

2007BOW/BDL Calendar Page(Japanese only)

BDN Members' Homepages

Daisy's Page (English) Daisy & ArielYahoo!
O.J.Boy's Page (English) O.J.Boy (Daisy's Father)
Wanwan Moomin's Room (English) Wanwan Moomin & Walt Moomin
Somewhere in SevenMiles Beach(English) Oakie
Hi's Page (English) Hi
Umi's Page (English) Umi
`From East Agia`(English/French) Mao

Coper's House (Japanese) Coper
Anthony's Homepage (Japanese) AnthonyYahoo!
Anthony's Story (Japanese) Anthony
You from MAH(Japanese) Jasper, Cathy & Lucy
Cebu's Homepage (Japanese) Cebu
Coco's@Page (Japanese) Coco
Milky and Funny Pals (Japanese) Milky
Kanae's Homepage (Japanese) Mucks/Johnny/Caesar/Pepper/Ffany
Ffany's Homepage (Japanese) Ffany

Mintpapa's Homepage (Japanese) Mint
Takarazuka DE`KUSUNS (Japanese) Tina
Tina's Page (Japanese) Tina
Felice Vita(Japanese) Donna@
Jam's Promenade (Japanese) Jam
Meruhen's Room (Japanese) Meruhen

Wanwan Guide (Japanese) Ffany

Grass & Matahachi's Page (Japanese) Grass & Matahachi
Lake Side Inn Lala (Japanese) Alex

Monkey Rock Show (Japanese) Goofee

Fishing Fun (Japanese) Harry
Welcome to a small music hall at HANABA (Japanese) Kurara
Tsukushinbo Club (Japanese) Berdy/ Geno/Tsukushi
aeardie eun blub(Japanese) Berdy/Geno/Tsukushi

Momo (Japanese) Momo
With Ak (Japanese) Al

Dog and Goods Hippo(Japanese) Toto
James's Room(Japanese) James
Usako's Cabin(Japanese) Bear
Haru's Adventure(Japanese) Haru
Nanami's Homepage(Japanese) Nanami
Tina's Room(Japanese) Tina
Ihatov Telegraph of Pam & Momoji(Japanese) Pam & Momoji
Lucia's Page(Japanese) Luciano
Falcon & Funky Pals(Japanese) Falcon
JACK IN THE BOX(Japanese)Jack
The Takeuchi Family(Japanese)Soleil & Fille
Welcome to Clara Home Page(Japanese)Clara
Dimple and Loving(Japanese)Dimple & Loving
Weldcraft Kanamono Studio(Japanese)BOB
Capricious Nonnon(Japanese)Nonnon
All about Japan(Japanese)Harriman
Veil & Quilpie's Paradise(Japanese)Veil & Quilpie
`From East Agia`(Japanese)Mao
Yoshigataira Hutte(Japanese)Flor & Bird
Tenn's Tiny Room(Japanese)Tenn
Auri's Diary(Japanese)Tauser/Auri/Heather
JMB Hakuba Paraglider School(Japanese)Taro
Maria's Room(Japanese)Maria
Sugar Magic(Japanese)Tiffany/Santana/Mark
The Life with Dogs(Japanese)Tabitha/Adele/Kate
Jenny's Kitchen(Japanese)Jenny
Taka's Page(Japanese)momo
Puppy Love(Japanese)Riru/Rara
Sutan & Akopon(Japanese)@Temporary Not Available
El Cefiro(Japanese)Lucia
Pooca & Unidon Lovely Days(Japanese)Pooca/Unidon(cat)
Welcome to my Homepage(Japanese)Pearl/Crea
Welcome to Parau's Room(Japanese)Lemon/Parau
Pension Rasberry Farm(Japanese)
Kiyomaro's Room(Japanese)Kiyomaro
Taro&Maruta's Page(Japanese)Taro/Maruta
Dr.Serapy's Vet Room(Japanese)Umi
rrx's Page(Japanese) Woo
B2Collie's with 3 Sister's -Life with Beardie-(Japanese) Reina,Dino,Buzz
Plus One(Japanese) Daijiro
Piggy's House(Japanese) Sakura
Funky Roommate(Japanese) Lucy,Pegi,Marian
Funky RoommateU(Japanese) Lucy,Pegi,Marian
Brown Beardies(Japanese) Brown B's
Tsumagoi Highland Club(Japanese) Eve,Tom
Welcome to Lovely Beardie's Room(Japanese) Delambre,Catharine
Indy House(Japanese) Indy

Have a dream my home (Japanese) Julia & Sophia
Black & White(Japanese)Pochari
Nasu Animal Paradise(Japanese) Grass
Mine Ryuta(Japanese) Soleil, Sabrina, Honey

Breeders (All Japanese Only)

Funny Boy's Kennel(Japanese) Harriman
Free wind Kennel (Japanese) Raffle, Misty, Hoo, Dada. Missy

Golden Button Kennel(Japanese)
Golden Button Kennel Photo BBS(Japanese)

Irving Diamond Family(Japanese) Blizzard,Sirius,YJ,Velfare,Nails,Savanna,Mejane.Albarosa
Enoree Forever/Platinum Screen(Japanese)Eric/Smartie/Cherokee/Katy/Vince/Sisi/Gracy/Reslie

Moonbreeze Bearded Collies(Japanese)

World Websites of Beardies
Hobo's Beardie Link

Official Organization

ijbOfficial page of Japan Kennel Club(c) tells you about dogs in Japan. It's in English and Japanese. It includes information on JKC, the kinds of dogs kept in Japan, the numbers of registration, dog shows and events, and much more. You can also enjoy the pictures of champs of each group and learn about original Japanese dogs.

abb`The Bearded Collie Club of America(c) was formed in 1969. If you want to know about beardies and beardie breeders in the United States, this is the site you should visit. Lots of information and links.

abbbThe Bearded Collie Club of Canada(c) was formed in 1970. There are topics such as "About The Beardie","The Rescue Program","Awards & Show Results", "Breeders' Directory", "Rainbow Bridge"etc. The Club publishes its magazine, The Bearded Colleague, 4 times a year.


The official Site of The Bearded Collie Club (c) was formed in 1953.


The official Site of Beardie of the World

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