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I just wanted the wakizashi for a photography piece I was working on. I didn't know that this came as two swords that fit together. I was pleasantly surprised! The edge was a little sharper than another prop sword I had, so be aware of that if you have kids. I will say it's not as shiny as it looks in the picture, but maybe that's because I didn't polish it or something.


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except for some plastic on the sheath... looks like good quality, unless you look close... Great decoration!! Comes with a basic stand, also not bad.


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Beautiful and deadly sharp out of the packaging. This is by no means a toy, You could easily lose appendages if you screw around. Be safe and use it with caution.


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Full tang Authentic everything including beautiful hamon! I would recommend this blade to anyone looking for a cheap but well made and truly battle ready. I have put this blade through hell and back and it still looks amazing. However I have polished and sharpened along the way I have had this blade for about a year now and it is my favorite. This blade could match just about anything you see a warrior class cold steel katana do. the only thing better than this blade is one that has been deferentially hardened for authenticity but as durability is concerned for most people mono steel is fine, when made of high carbon steel.


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